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Our Vision

The aim of the CIS Construction Group is to provide a professional building service which best meets the needs of our clients. Through working closely with our clients and their consultants, we will find solutions to meet and exceed their requirements.

We shall resourcefully address all types of projects and apply the highest standard of workmanship and integrity in all aspects of performance. In all our activities we shall respect and where possible enhance the environment.

Our Philosophy

Client satisfaction and job satisfaction for all employees are prime objectives of the CIS Construction Group. Our philosophy is one of listening to our clients and their consultants, understanding their needs as well as offering practical, technical, or financial solutions when required. Recognizing the pressures of our clients’ activities, we place great emphasis on minimizing their disruption.

The CIS approach is proactive with positive attitudes, close communication, collaborative working and strong team management. Our reputation has been built on quality and reliability resulting from years of commitment and practical experience, having an open mind to advances in technology and systems as well as responsiveness to market influences.

With the resilience, which comes from financial strength, committed employees and loyal supply chain members, we are proud of our contribution to profitable partnerships with our clients and their consultants.

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Our Team

Pierre de Jager

Marius Visser
Juan Griesel
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